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17. was told this is a Japanese
bangalore torpedo???
any INFO please
deminsions around
5" tall, 40m diameter
12. Submunition
35mm tall
22mm wide
would fit well inside
a 2.75" warhead
10. Rocket, flare fins
41mm or 1.6 diameter
fins fold down sideways
fine threads for tube
5. Ogive
71mm or 2 3/4" wide
15cm or 5 7/8 long.

ID'd Items below
1. 17.25" long
3" diameter
proof projo for the "Aries" gun. The projo was completely inside the case, case was plastic with steel on both ends. Thanks Mr Babcock
2. 69mm long
15mm diameter
experimental WWII T 32 60 caliber projectile. The 60 cal was being experimented with during the period from late 1930s to the early 1950s. Thanks Mr Duguid
3. 4.75in diameter
31in long
practice bomb used to show characteristics of B-41 and B-53 Bombs when dropped from B-52s Thanks Mr Reynolds
4. 2.5in diameter.
biological typically loaded with anthrax or botulinium powder. Test ones were loaded with a flu type causing powder. Thanks Mr Babcock
6. 2.6" wide
17" long.
70mm viper antitank warhead section. Thanks Mr Duguid
8. Remains of US WWI-1920s rodded chemcial rifle grenade. Thanks Mr Duguid
9. 3.5" diameter
parachute for a E54R6 chemcial submunition. Thanks Mr Duguid
14. 69mm tall
45mm wide
Belgian APERS land mine frag sleeve Model NR413. Thanks Mr Duguid
15. 50mm tall, 15mm diameter
14.5mm subcal M31 artillery trainer . Thanks to all the IAA Members
7. Bomb
6" wide
34" long minus fins.
Dispenced aerial delivered anti-tank mine. produced by Douglas aircraft Co. 1950's Thanks to Mr Trevithick
11. 3 5/8" Diameter
Rex Hunter tear-gas grenade
patent 1937
16. Primers used for 155mm

Thanks Mr. Leiendecker

13. 25mm diameter
110mm tall complete rd
West German sub-cal for 81mm mortars

Thanks Mr. montfoort & Mr.Leiendecker