The US M83 was produced after the german SD-2 bomb, which was used during the second world war. The M15 bomb icarrier held 24 4lb submunitions that are lethal up to 70 yards. Later during the war a M105 leaflet bomb was adapted to carry the butterfly bomb. The SD-2 has five different fuze settings; impact, air burst, long delay and anti-disturbance. There are three different fuzes for the M83 the M129 has two settings, air and ground. The M130 series fuze is clockwork-long-delay and the M131 series fuze is antidisturbance. Both the M130 and M131 have no markings. The differences between the SD-2 and M83 are the Sd-2 has tabs that stick out from the wings to hold it together. The M83 body will also have a weld mark around the body unlike the SD-2 which was a one piece cast.