The M-72 Light Anti-tank Weapon (LAW) was the Army's primary shoulder-fired, man-portable, light anti-tank rocket. The M72 was developed in the 1960s. It was a revolutionary idea: a pre-packaged rocket which could be fired and the launcher then thrown away. Like the RPG-7, the M72 is capable of penetrating a foot of armor, but its effective range is only 170 to 220 meters.
The M202A1 multishot rocket launcher (Flash) is a lightweight, reusable, four-tube rocket launcher. The Flash can be used in both an offensive and defensive role because it is lightweight, extended range, and two rocket types; incendiary and cs gas. The M74 or T rocket is a incendiary warhead that had a more effective rang than a flame throwers. The M74 is filled with a Triethylaluminum incendiary filler, and the body is anadized red with a yellow band. The M96 rocket is the riot control rocket filled with CS-2. The body is anadized gray with two red bands and one yellow band around the nose of the rocket.