The M19 WP rifle grenade weights 22oz with 12oz of WP. The fuzing works with impact a firing pin held back by a creep spring strikes the primer when the rifle grenade impacts the ground or other hard targets.
The M20 HC smoke rifle grenade comes in four color; Red, yellow, green, and violet. The grenade has vent holes near the dome top and under the head. The grenade is painted gray with a color band around the top designating the smoke color.
The M22 colored smoke grenade comes in red, yellow, green, and violet. The M22 has a vent hole at the top and holes around the bottom of the head. The grenade fuzing works on impact like the M19 WP rifle grenade.
The M23 smoke streamer rifle grenade is exactly like the M22 colored smoke except the fuzing is different because as soon as the rifle grenade is fired it starts to emit smoke