Weight- 30oz.
Height- 4 7/16in.
Diameter- 2 11/16
Filling- BM smoke mix
Igniter- MKII
Weight- 19oz.
Height- 5.7in.
Diameter- 2.5in.
Filling- 11.5oz. smoke compound
Delay- 0.7-2sec.
Weight- 28oz.
Height- 5.5in.
Diameter- 3in.
Filling- red compound
Igniter- M200A1, M200A2
Delay- 2sec.
Weight- 24oz.
Height- 5.7in
Diameter- 2.5in.
Filling- 19oz. HC
Delay- 0.7-2sec.
MKI smoke

The MKI smoke grenade was made during WWI, but was never introduced into service. The MKI WP grenade instead took its place. The body between the two are the same except the smoke had vent holes evenly spaced around the top.


This smoke grenade came in red for signal purposes only. The grenade produced over 2min of signal smoke when popped. The body is slightly larger than other canister smoke grenades and has 3 wings on the side, which when placed correctly the wings would keep the grenade from sinking in to the mud or snow. There are also 8 emission holes around the top.


The M8 grenade was produced for signal and screening purposes. The body has 4 holes around the top and is either painted blue-gray with yellow band or light green with black markings. The grenade produces white smoke only for around 150 sec..


M18 smoke grenades are the most common smoke used. At first the grenade was made in seven colors red, blue, green, orange, black, violet, & yellow; But later cut back to red, green, violet, & yellow. Early grenades were painted blue/gray with yellow band and yellow markings, the color of the grenade was painted on the top. Newer grenades are painted light green with black markings and still the smoke color is painted on top.