The M75 Land Mine Is also known as the BLU 91 which has a gator plastic sleeve wraped around it so it could be put in either a CBU-89, CBU-78/B, or a SUU-64 cluster bomb. The M75 is layed by a towed landmine thrower or can be delivered by a 155mm cargo round. This mine has two misznay schardin plates so no matter which side it lands on it will explode and can penetrate up to 70mm of armor. The BLU 92 is also a round mine with the same demisions that can be dropped with the BLU 91. Each side of the BLU 92 has four hair thin trip wires that shoot out as soon as it lands. The mines arming begins when the dispenser opens or is placed. Mine detonation is initiated by target detection, mine disturbance, low battery voltage, or self-destruct time-out. The M75 and BLU 91 mines are magnetic sensing effective against tanks and armored vehicles. The antipersonnel BLU 92 mine has a fragmenting case warhead triggered by trip wires.